June 20th The first day of summer

The longest day finds me grading student work and eating a lot.  I always stress when grading as art can not be graded really.  I grade the learning and the attempts to make the work.  Each year in my class of Sculpture and Material Exploration, the student work in bronze, glass, 3D print, and stone. Often a few other materials as well.

This is high school, 9 th and 10th grade. They are great. The work is interesting and each piece of the final project has it own creative process, and problem solving to work out as well as learning the design a sculpture.  For most of these kids, it is the first and often the only time they will carve a stone or cast glass or bronze.

Here are a few:

If Angles were deer.jpg
Title: If Angels were Deer – copper electroplating 
Cast Bronze made after the Masterpiece Lantern key in the Met
Glass cup cake stand- cast glass based with leafing and fuse glass top
Carved stone soul of Neanderthalensis-Merrick

Got to love high school art

Back to evals

The 7th of May

I am physically feeling better than I have in a while. I have so many things I want to make that I have start to uncover all the unfinished pieces. Its strange to open them up and try to figure out what I want to do with them.  Some of the pieces are years and years old.

This clay sculpture I have kept wet for all most 2 years and today I begun to work on it. I was going to post a little animation that I started but I would have to pay more for the blog site…..so I have to think on that money. Sorry, I am trying to get brakes for the mom car first (the mom car being a 1994 car that was my mom’s)



It is the 4th of May

I remember every year the meaning of May 4th.  Kent Ohio

It always makes me question government, education, mis-information, and change.

Last night while teaching. The practice was high contrast and a stick with ink. Then working with white block out paint and ink wash.

Tomorrow, sculpture

photo 5
photo 4
15 minutes
photo 1
1 minute
photo 3
Drawing with a stick and with a brush on a inch brush on a 3 foot street in 10 minutes


The 3rd day of May 2016 -Student work

Today was stick day in Figure Drawing.  I gave the students a stick about 2 to 3 feet long. With ink they began drawing short 10 minute poses (about 10 minutes as I have a tendency to lose track of time when I am drawing as well). So they start with a stick only then after a few drawings I give them a cheap 2 inch brush taped to the end of a 2 foot stick and now they can use the stick and the stick with brush.  This forces them to stand back, see the model and the paper at the same time. Then after a few more drawings I give them white block out paint and a normal paint brush, the long handled style.  This  keeps them from stepping into the picture and only seeing a part of the drawing.  One of the hardest thing for most beginning art student, is to step away from the easel, stand back and see the whole instead of only a part.  It is as we are with life. Its hard to see the whole picture.




The last day of April 2016


The last day of a month that flew by.

I love to draw. I wish I had some deep thought to share but, I don’t.  I am trying to stay focused and remember who I am.  I have never been anything but an artist and teacher.  It would have been good to be a wife and mother but alas, it did not happen.

Back to the easal where I belong.  Good or bad, its all I have.

the 29th of April

Quick drawings 10 to 15 poses.

I enjoy drawing the figure. It is relaxing and that is what I need right now.

Tomorrow a little glassblowing.  Glassblowing is not relaxing, but it makes me happy and centered. It is as if I have the sun with me.

making stuff