The last day of April 2016


The last day of a month that flew by.

I love to draw. I wish I had some deep thought to share but, I don’t.  I am trying to stay focused and remember who I am.  I have never been anything but an artist and teacher.  It would have been good to be a wife and mother but alas, it did not happen.

Back to the easal where I belong.  Good or bad, its all I have.

the 29th of April

Quick drawings 10 to 15 poses.

I enjoy drawing the figure. It is relaxing and that is what I need right now.

Tomorrow a little glassblowing.  Glassblowing is not relaxing, but it makes me happy and centered. It is as if I have the sun with me.

The tenth day of April

working on taxes, got freaked out so I decided to go through drawings from the last 3 months instead. All were done while teaching.

When I was a student I had a great teacher named Ira Mateson. He taught me how to draw and sculpt the figure, there were other teachers but his words were the ones I could hear and understand.  But when he drew on my work I could not retrieve it. It was lost to Ira’s hand and no longer mine.  When I teach figure drawing, I keep an easel ready. When I feel the need to take over a students work, I go to my place and draw.  These are 5 to 1o minutes as then I can return to the students and not take over. The drawing of Danny maybe a bit longer but not much.