January tenth part 2

For several weeks I taught water color through the Silver Kite organization at an assisted living place.  The students ranged from 70 to 90.  I do wish had thought to take more images of them working, and only as they were cleaning up on the last day (friday) did I remember to take iphone images. So this is all I have. Most of the student had never painted before and the class was an hour and half for 6 weeks.

I like the work.

January tenth 2016

it has been a while since I posted, much has happened to make posting hard. Mainly the computer. The details of the story bore even me now so we will move on.

I am going to post alot of images, from the phone with no photoshop to fix them.  First are the drawings from my “5 minutes a day assignment” that I give my drawing students.  If you draw for 5 minutes a day the time you spend on art will grow on its own. So each night I drawing, at least that much but usually longer.