Dec twenty fourth

It has been a lovely day. Breakfast with friends. Buying art supplies. Started to clean apartment. Dinner with new friends.

Then painting. Then drawing. Then painting.  The images of the painting and drawings are not to good as it is night,2 am, actually Christmas now, and it just an old Iphone, old in the land of phones, anyway.

new Made for Anna

So I finally got the new computer but man, its hard to figure out the down loads.  More images to come.

I made these for my cousin Anna. They are in the mail as I am having Jeanne’s extended Christmas.

I am so behind.

More later

Dec Sixteenth 2015

photo (13)
I love crayons
photo (12)
copper bird needs work

Its been a long day.  My bed time draw tonight was five minute. Just is the length of time I tell my drawing student to do every day. If you are having trouble getting yourself to do something, retraining yourself to practice something, or just want to start, whether art or exercise, give it 5 minutes a day, and it will grow to more time on its own, without the negative aspect of something you “have to do”.

I did five minute because I am very sleepy

Dec fifteenth

I have not been writing every day as I did at the start and so the blog has lost a little flow.  I think I will try again to enter daily.  So some days maybe boring.

Today it was, sleep in, laudrey (without folding anything), dreams of being an organized person, which is totally against my nature but ever present. My greatest flaw.

I have a lot to think about.

Bob. It  has sat and been moved about a billion times. Lost of apartment then studio and then there was that time I almost died, that stopped me from finishing it. So in the last 2 weeks, with my friends help, it begins again. He is cleaned of mold, and small bits of miss placed bronze, the back …..will be shown later as I am still working on it.  I put a lite patina on it but I have decided to remove it and try again.  He is Bob. He was 84 when I made the clay peice that started the process. He was a teacher of philosophy and literature for 40 years, retired and realized he did not have enough money and became an artist model.  That is my retirement plan as well. The skin on his body was like an old coat, hanging loss from his bones. He laughed a lot and had very few poses, that all seemed to sink into the same position. I enjoyed his company and stories.

Dec eleventh

I am working on this. Its almost midnight and I keep wondering what to do. Its blasted alumium (can not spell that word, ever). Patina? cut the pick up maybe.

Tonight at Pratt there was a glassblowers party. This means we watch glassblowing, we watch our friends create (while drinking beer).

Its funny. As a person that paints, sculpts and other stuff, its odd to have that realization that I would never have people just watch me paint for  4 hours.

As I was watching Jen work, I thought about all that had happen since 1990 something…..she was at Alfred, and I was one hour away at RIT. I am about 15 years older than her (i think). The first time I saw her, she was working metal. Dirty, young and happy. On the right is a picture of Scotty, one of my bosses. I have about a million bosses. Scotty is a good glassblower and a diabetic. He never said it, but the tat on his arm says insulin run.  Sometimes when I am at Pratt and feeling bad about my health, I will see Scott and think, jeanne, your alive to bitch about it so it all good. Strange how the little things can help you keep going.

Today I also thought about how glad I am that I never stopped blowing glass. Even though few people have bought my work. I am old and tomorrow morning I will light the glory hole, take a gather of glass, see it glow and think, someone is paying me to teach them how to play with 2000 degrees. Got to love it.

photo (11)
Now back to wondering what to do about this

Dec 8

Still no computer, cell phone for images.

Today it was try to solder then drawing class.

In the class I had the studentd draw with ink and a stick. These are mine, 10 min for the first one. The second was 10 minutes with stick and five with cayons. Fun

Soldered the bird somemore. Getting closer

December seventh

It has been awhile since I wrote. I am computer machine less as my new Lenovo was faulted in a major way and had to be sent back. Long and boring story that goes on for 10 months.

During the last week, I have blown glass, worked on two sculpture, both of which I hope to complete in the next few days.

I am posting images of the “iron man” in process.  The story is about a man who worked as an iron worker on sky scapers for about 20 years. He made friends with crows way up there.  I will write more when the piece is done.

this is the start. . . .

photo 1 (7)
Cut crows set for solder

photo 3

photo 2
setting up the bird