Dec eleventh

I am working on this. Its almost midnight and I keep wondering what to do. Its blasted alumium (can not spell that word, ever). Patina? cut the pick up maybe.

Tonight at Pratt there was a glassblowers party. This means we watch glassblowing, we watch our friends create (while drinking beer).

Its funny. As a person that paints, sculpts and other stuff, its odd to have that realization that I would never have people just watch me paint for  4 hours.

As I was watching Jen work, I thought about all that had happen since 1990 something…..she was at Alfred, and I was one hour away at RIT. I am about 15 years older than her (i think). The first time I saw her, she was working metal. Dirty, young and happy. On the right is a picture of Scotty, one of my bosses. I have about a million bosses. Scotty is a good glassblower and a diabetic. He never said it, but the tat on his arm says insulin run.  Sometimes when I am at Pratt and feeling bad about my health, I will see Scott and think, jeanne, your alive to bitch about it so it all good. Strange how the little things can help you keep going.

Today I also thought about how glad I am that I never stopped blowing glass. Even though few people have bought my work. I am old and tomorrow morning I will light the glory hole, take a gather of glass, see it glow and think, someone is paying me to teach them how to play with 2000 degrees. Got to love it.

photo (11)
Now back to wondering what to do about this

One thought on “Dec eleventh”

  1. Great entry Jeannie. Made me laugh and your perspective on things is quite right. Would anyone want to watch a painter for 4 hours??? Something about fire and glass and 2000 degrees and beer…..


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