June 20th The first day of summer

The longest day finds me grading student work and eating a lot.  I always stress when grading as art can not be graded really.  I grade the learning and the attempts to make the work.  Each year in my class of Sculpture and Material Exploration, the student work in bronze, glass, 3D print, and stone. Often a few other materials as well.

This is high school, 9 th and 10th grade. They are great. The work is interesting and each piece of the final project has it own creative process, and problem solving to work out as well as learning the design a sculpture.  For most of these kids, it is the first and often the only time they will carve a stone or cast glass or bronze.

Here are a few:

If Angles were deer.jpg
Title: If Angels were Deer – copper electroplating 
Cast Bronze made after the Masterpiece Lantern key in the Met
Glass cup cake stand- cast glass based with leafing and fuse glass top
Carved stone soul of Neanderthalensis-Merrick

Got to love high school art

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