Dec fifteenth

I have not been writing every day as I did at the start and so the blog has lost a little flow.  I think I will try again to enter daily.  So some days maybe boring.

Today it was, sleep in, laudrey (without folding anything), dreams of being an organized person, which is totally against my nature but ever present. My greatest flaw.

I have a lot to think about.

Bob. It  has sat and been moved about a billion times. Lost of apartment then studio and then there was that time I almost died, that stopped me from finishing it. So in the last 2 weeks, with my friends help, it begins again. He is cleaned of mold, and small bits of miss placed bronze, the back …..will be shown later as I am still working on it.  I put a lite patina on it but I have decided to remove it and try again.  He is Bob. He was 84 when I made the clay peice that started the process. He was a teacher of philosophy and literature for 40 years, retired and realized he did not have enough money and became an artist model.  That is my retirement plan as well. The skin on his body was like an old coat, hanging loss from his bones. He laughed a lot and had very few poses, that all seemed to sink into the same position. I enjoyed his company and stories.

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