The 3rd day of May 2016 -Student work

Today was stick day in Figure Drawing.  I gave the students a stick about 2 to 3 feet long. With ink they began drawing short 10 minute poses (about 10 minutes as I have a tendency to lose track of time when I am drawing as well). So they start with a stick only then after a few drawings I give them a cheap 2 inch brush taped to the end of a 2 foot stick and now they can use the stick and the stick with brush.  This forces them to stand back, see the model and the paper at the same time. Then after a few more drawings I give them white block out paint and a normal paint brush, the long handled style.  This  keeps them from stepping into the picture and only seeing a part of the drawing.  One of the hardest thing for most beginning art student, is to step away from the easel, stand back and see the whole instead of only a part.  It is as we are with life. Its hard to see the whole picture.




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