Dec 8

Still no computer, cell phone for images.

Today it was try to solder then drawing class.

In the class I had the studentd draw with ink and a stick. These are mine, 10 min for the first one. The second was 10 minutes with stick and five with cayons. Fun

Soldered the bird somemore. Getting closer


December seventh

It has been awhile since I wrote. I am computer machine less as my new Lenovo was faulted in a major way and had to be sent back. Long and boring story that goes on for 10 months.

During the last week, I have blown glass, worked on two sculpture, both of which I hope to complete in the next few days.

I am posting images of the “iron man” in process.  The story is about a man who worked as an iron worker on sky scapers for about 20 years. He made friends with crows way up there.  I will write more when the piece is done.

this is the start. . . .

photo 1 (7)
Cut crows set for solder

photo 3

photo 2
setting up the bird