Nov twenty five and six

All about family and friends, holidays.

I drew a bit and figured out the iron man. Should I post the thought process, the small bad drawing of how things get worked out as I go. The many questions that fill my mind as I try to express the idea. Why are the piece like little dreams that can not be done?

There is the thought that startes the sculpture. There is the first drawings, then the first part made, and the first realization that the idea is a million miles away from what is possible.  Then the thoughts that the piece is possible after all. Then more work and thoughts and dreams.  More drawings. More parts made and then the engeering of the thing, cause in the end, as a sculpture, it has to stand up physically as well a visually and for some realize asymmentry is more interesting to me, when the balance is much more delicate like watching a dancer standing on one toe

Let me thinks some more over coffee


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