Nov Twenty third,twenty fourth, part of twenty fifth

Keeping a Blog/jounal is harder than I thought. Miss a day and the order of things kind of gives out. As a non writter, and a little of what is called an ADD or ADHD thinker, Not sure which I am as I am to old to bother testing. All I  know is everything goes on at once in my head. I go from one thing to another and one project to another, the minute I walk into another room. Thusly (spelling again) while packing, teaching, making shit, I keep moving until I get to tired to continue. Or in this case, get on a plane.

The last few days have been those wonderful, full days of work, art, thoughts, and problems solving of the objects I am making.

Finished – Last week I posted this part way though. It is a watercolor and pencil painiting of the blue heron I saw in BC Canada. Its about 18″ x 18″.




Finished -this painting/ drawing of lilies I started in Sept while in bed with some non stop cough. I like the color but I think the image looks like wall paper.  I can not stop think about a funny story my Mom told me about. When she was a young wife, she decided to hang wall paper in the first home of her new marriage. They hung it up side down… later she wondered if it was a for shaddowing of things to come.  I wonder now, if she was right. DSC_0482


On Monday, stream molds, grind blow glass teens made on Saturday, teach sculpture, prepare crows for electro bath (more on this later), pack bag and get on the plane for Cleveland.

Four more kid molds coming out of the stream.  The assignment for this project was for each student to make a small piece to be cast in recycled glass. I put them in the kiln on the way out of town for the holiday. DSC_0483

The kids made wax rings to cast in bronze.

On Monday during class, Lee brought his eletro melt to NWS for a little bronze pour in the school house.

photo 2 (6).JPG
One of the High school students get the casting can out of the kiln for the preheat to pour metal
photo 1 (8).JPG
Student stirring melded bronze in the small eletro melt pot
photo 3.JPG
Student placing flash mold for small bronze pour
photo 4.JPG
Lee helping with the pour of Bronze in my class

It was a good day



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